Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
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Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
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Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
Ticket Seller is Vernon's home grown full service box office. We provide the tools you need to make your next event a success. Community focused and not-for-profit, our infrastructure includes 24/7 online ticket sales, informative and friendly ticket agents available six days per week by phone or in person, and promotional exposure to complement your existing marketing. Call us today at 250-549-SHOW (7469) to find out how we can help you.
About the Ticket Seller
Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
The Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Society was formed July 3rd 1990 with the following set of guiding purposes:
  • To promote the building of a performing arts centre for Vernon and district;
  • To raise funds by way of public subscription, the obtaining of grants and financial assistance, and all such means as may be required to finance the construction and operation of such a performing arts centre;
  • To build, maintain and operate such a performing arts centre located within the City of Vernon, and serving the population of the Greater Vernon Parks and Recreation District; and
  • To foster the appreciation and enjoyment of, and the participation in, the full range of performing arts in Vernon, and district.
We are a registered Not-For-Profit Society Provincially, and a Federal Registered Charity.

Construction of the Performing Arts Centre went to referendum on November 20th 1999 and was passed by a "yes vote" of 58.5%.

Construction of the facility was led by Vancouver based TASK construction. With architectural work provided by T R Thorburn Architect Ltd and Theatre Consultation provided by Doug Huggins, both of Vernon.

Construction was budgeted at $9,754,000.00 and the project finished on time and strongly under budget.

The outdoor amphitheatre was the only element of the design eliminated through the construction process. The department of Fisheries and Oceans ruled that this element infringed on the natural habitat of Swan Lake Creek.

Michael Cade was hired April 1st 2001 as the Society's first Executive Director.

Construction of the Centre was completed in October of 2001.

The guiding purposes for the Society were revised on December 19th, 2002, and currently state:
  • The Vernon and district Performing Arts Centre Society is a not-for-profit organization devoted to fostering live entertainment in all its forms. its purpose is to operate a Community Theatre situated within the city of Vernon and serving the population of the North Okanagan Regional district.
The Regional district of the North Okanagan, through the Greater Vernon Services Commission, owns the facility. (GVS is comprised of the Corporation of the City of Vernon, the District of Coldstream, and Electoral Areas B and C)

The Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Society operates the Centre under the terms of a "Management and Operating Agreement" with the Regional District.

The Society is made up of a membership, with up to 15 elected and appointed board members. The Board consists of the following executive positions:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Past President
The Executive Director is directly responsible to the Society's Board.

The Staff of the Performing Arts Centre and the Ticket Seller is directly responsible to the Executive Director.

Members of the Society's Board do not have direct access to the Staff, other than the Executive Director.

The Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Society is made up of three arms length operations.

Theatre Operations

The Society manages and operates the Performing Arts Centre under contract for the Regional District of the North Okanagan. The Centre is a "Roadhouse Facility", which means that it is available for rental only. the Operations arm does not create, produce, or present shows. Staff for the Operations include:
  • Technical Director, Casual Technicians, Technical Volunteers. The Technical Volunteers and Casual Technicians are responsible to the Technical Director. The Technical Director is responsible to the Executive Director.
  • Guest Relations Manager (Front of House Manager), Guest Relations Volunteers, Posturing Staff are responsible to the Guest Relations Manager. The Guest Relations Manager is responsible to the Executive Director.
  • Building Maintenance Manager and part time Janitorial Staff. The part time Janitorial Staff are responsible to the Building Maintenance Manager. The Building Maintenance Manager is responsible to the Executive Director.
  • Audience Development Manager and part time Bookkeeper. these positions are responsible directly to the Executive Director.
  • Casual Staff are hired as necessary.
Ticket Seller

The Society is the sole owner of the Ticket Seller Box Office. The Box Office operates on a break-even basis, and is not subsidized in any fashion. The Ticket Seller is considered to be a business venture, and operates under the structure of a Manager, and Ticket Agent Staff. The Ticket Agent Staff is responsible to the Ticket Seller Manager, and the Ticket Seller Manager is responsible to the Society's Executive Director.

Presentation Series

Presenting is an essential part of the success of a facility like the Vernon and district Performing Arts Centre. Since the Operating arm cannot present works, the Society has undertaken this vital task. Currently the Society presents a season of 22 divergent performances in the following areas.

A six show professional theatre season
A five show professional dance season
A four show professional kids' programming season
A four show series designed to appeal to people between the ages of 18 and 35
One show to celebrate the anniversary of the Theatre
One issue based show for senior high-school students
One show to feature local media artists.

The series is operated on a break-even basis, with the Society renting the Facility from the operational arm. The Society books, schedules, contracts, advertises, and facilitates the performances. A fee is paid to the Artists, and the Society is responsible for the loss/profit generated by ticket sales, donations, grants, and sponsorship. The Society receives grants from federal, provincial, and local governments to bring these Artists to our community. Sponsorships, grants, and donations are solicited to help cover the costs of the Presentation Series.

The Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Society can be contacted:

By Phone:
Operations and Society - (250) 542-9355
Ticket Seller - (250) 549-SHOW (7469)

By Fax:
(250) 542-9384

By email:

And by regular mail:
3800 33rd Street
Vernon, British Columbia
V1T 5T6

Frequently Asked Questions
Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
Terms and Conditions of sale

  • All Sales Final. There are no refunds or exchanges.
  • Late arrivals will be seated at the discretion of the Front of House Supervisor and are subject to alternative seating.
  • Photography and recording devices are prohibited in the theatre.
  • Paging devices and cellular telephones must be turned off before entering the theatre.
  • "Babes-in-arms" are only permitted for family-friendly shows, with the promoter's approval. Babes-in-arms is defined as babies that are not yet walking. All others will be required to purchase a ticket. If the child is occupying a seat, regardless of age, a paid ticket will be required.
  • Children who are unable to sit quietly throughout the performance will be directed to the lobby along with their accompanying adult. No Refunds.
  • Missed performances will not be rescheduled.
  • One admission per ticket.
  • Programs, dates and times are subject to change.
  • Lost or stolen tickets may be reprinted on the night of the event only.
  • Presenter reserves the right to refuse admission and to refund purchase price.
  • No smoking, food or drinks allowed in the theatre..
  • Doors open usually open 1 hour before curtain time.
  • Bearer of the ticket voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers incidental to the event for which the ticket is issued, whether occurring prior to, during or after the same.

What is the Ticket Seller, and where are you from?
Ticket Seller is a 'ticket agent'. We sell event tickets on behalf of groups and individuals who are presenting shows. Ticket Seller was formed in 2001 by the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Society with support from the Regional District of the North Okanagan, the City of Vernon, and the District of Coldstream, to ensure that the patrons of The Centre have easy access to their ticket purchases. Ticket Seller is an entirely North Okanagan venture, and all Ticket Seller staff live in the North Okanagan.

I know you sell tickets for the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre, but what other tickets do you sell?
As the 'exclusive ticket agent' for the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre, we sell tickets for all the events at the Centre's Main Auditorium, and all advance ticket sales for events in the the Marie Fleming Hall. We are also the ticket agent for the Powerhouse Theatre, Caravan Farm Theatre, and have provided ticketing services for events at the Vernon Recreation Centre, Kal Tire Place, Trinity United Church, All Saints Anglican Church, Paddlewheel Hall, The Vernon Atrium Hotel and others.

Where are you located?
We are located in the front foyer of the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre- 3800 33rd Street, at the North end of the Rec Centre Complex. There is plenty of free parking and wheelchair access.

Are members discounts and other offers available if I buy my tickets on-line?
Discounts may be received by calling the Ticket Teller Box Office or by visiting the Box Office in person. Discounts are not available online.

I keep phoning, but the phone number seems to be wrong.
We wanted to make everything easy in your ticket purchases, and to this end we chose a phone number that is a "word mark" - 549-SHOW - unfortunately a few patrons have interpreted this as 549-SH-zero-W. The actual number is 549-7469 - the letter O on the telephone keypad being the number 6.

Ok, I have the right phone number but I keep getting a recorded message that you are with other customers.
We suffer a bit from being either 'crazy busy' or 'crazy slow'. We find that mornings are often most busy, and that you almost always get through your first time if your call is made in the afternoons. We try to answer every call as quickly as we can without compromising the service we offer our ticket buying patrons.

Can I order my tickets over the phone or the internet?

Yes - as long as you have a valid Visa or MasterCard we will be most happy to take your order.

Will it cost me more for a phone order or online order?

Funny you should ask. Unlike other ticket agents, we do not charge an additional service charge for phone orders or web sales.

If I order my tickets over the phone or on the website, how will I get them for the show?

We will be most pleased to hold your tickets for you until the day of the show. Our event box office opens one hour prior to the advertised start time of the event, and is open until one half hour after the event has started. If you prefer however, you may pick up your tickets at any time during our regular office hours, (weekdays 9:00 am till 5:00 pm, Saturdays 10:00am till 4:00 pm) and avoid the line up the night of the show.

Can the tickets be mailed out to me?
We would be most pleased to mail your tickets out to you as long as we have more than one week prior to the event to ensure that we get your tickets to you in time. If, however, for any reason the tickets fail to arrive in your mailbox in time for the event, we will be most pleased to reprint your tickets at the event box office. A $2 ticket mailing surcharge will be added to the price of your order.

What payment methods are accepted by the Ticket Seller?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Ticket Seller Gift Certificates, and good-old-fashioned cash. - Sorry no cheques (we do accept cheques for season renewals)

Ticket Seller Gift Certificates? - Tell me more about that!
Stumped for the perfect gift for the hard to buy for person? A Ticket Seller Gift Certificate may be the perfect gift. Gift Certificates are available in $20 and $50 denominations, are valid as payment for any purchases made through Ticket Seller. Ticket Seller Gift Certificates are transferable, and do not have an expiry date.

When I have bought tickets from other ticket outlets, they have added up to $12 per ticket to my credit card, as a 'service charge' - do you do that too?

For the most part, we don't. We encourage the organizers of events to include all taxes and service charges in their advertised price. We know how much you hate hearing about a show advertised at a $38 ticket price and then being charged $50 to buy the ticket. We think it is unfair to you, the patron, and we discourage the practice at every opportunity. Almost all of our tickets are available at the advertised price.

Why do I have to set up a ticket account?
Your ticket account helps us provide the best possible service to you. It allows us to track your special needs, preferences, and contact information. Should there be a problem with your tickets, we can reach you to solve the problem prior to your arrival. Should your tickets be lost, stolen or forgotten, we can replace them for you if you have a ticket account with us. As you will read below, your information is secure and will not be sold or distributed.

What happens to the information that I supply for my ticket account?
Under the privacy laws, we are in fact collecting the information on behalf of the show's producer, and the information belongs to that group. While they may use that information to contact you about another upcoming event that they are producing, it is illegal for them to sell or distribute that list beyond their own use.

Will you sell my ticket account information?
It is illegal for us, or anyone else, to sell your account information.

What happens if I lose my tickets?
Luckily we have your ticket account information on file, which will allow us to reprint your tickets for you. And there is no charge for this service! After all, you have not paid for a little piece of paper, you have paid to see the show. We believe that any ticket agent that will not replace lost or stolen tickets is doing a great disservice to their patrons.

What happens if I break my leg, after I purchase tickets for balcony seats?

Give us a call, and we will do what we can to move you to the available seats with the fewest possible stairs. While this is not always possible for a sold out show, you will be amazed at what we can do!

If a show is running for more than one night, can I exchange my tickets to a different night?

As long as the show's producer has not forbid this, we will be happy to exchange your tickets for a different night of the same event. You may have to pay a small amount if there is a price difference between the tickets, but other than that this service is offered free of charge.

If something unexpected comes up, can I get a refund on my tickets?
Unfortunately no. However event tickets do make excellent gifts, or you may be able to resell the tickets to a friend.

What happens if a show cancels?
It doesn't happen often but if a show cancels we will refund your tickets in full on behalf of the event's organizer.

Is there an easy way to find out about upcoming events?
Again, funny you should ask! We are most pleased to provide our Ticket Seller Email Newsletter which is sent directly to your computer every two weeks. This Newsletter lets you know about upcoming events, and specials. You can sign up for this by contacting our Ticket Seller staff at 549-SHOW.

That sounds great, but I don't want to receive lots of 'spam'; what will you do with my email address?
No spam - we promise!! - your email address will be used exclusively for the Ticket Seller's Email Newsletter.

If I do sign up for the email newsletter and decide that I no longer want to receive updates, can I get off the list?
Of course! Just reply to the email with 'remove from list' in the subject line.

I see buttons and logos for 'Members' Discounts' - what is that all about?
This is an offer exclusive to members of the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Society. Members receive discounts on shows presented by the Society. For more information on Society Membership, follow this link (click here)

If I have an event, would you sell tickets for me?
We would be most happy to talk to you about providing ticket agent services for you. Please call our Ticket Seller Manager, Stuart Benoit, at 549-SHOW

What do you charge to sell the tickets?
Other ticket agents charge up to $12 in service charges to the patron, and may also charge credit card recovery fees (in some cases up to 5%), set up fees, and percentage of gross. We charge just $3.50 per ticket plus a 3% credit card recovery on tickets bought with Visa, MasterCard, or Ticket Seller Gift Certificates (there is a $.15 per ticket charge for debit transactions).

Do you offer a 'ticket printing' service?
We most certainly do, and would be most happy to talk to you about providing ticket printing services for you. Please call our Ticket Seller Manager, Stuart Benoit, at 549-SHOW!
Dinner and a Show
Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
Join our participating restaurants for a special or discount on the night of your show. Simply present your ticket seller tickets before ordering and enjoy a terrific night out.

Remember - if you are considering taking advantage of Dinner and a Show before the performance, you must pick up your tickets before the show and during the Ticket Seller's regular hours.

Participating Restaurants Include:
The Pantry
Kelly O'Bryan's
Boston Pizza
BX Creek Bar & Grill
Bourbon St Bar & Grill

Please ask your server about the discount or special before ordering.
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Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
No Scents Please
Be Air Aware! We are a scent free building. Scented products can aggravate health problems for some people, especially those with asthma, allergies and other medical conditions. Please do not wear scented items, thank you for your understanding.
Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
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Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday & Holidays: Closed
Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
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Ticket Seller Box Office in Vernon BC Canada
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